Does Jesus talk to you.

Feel like having a talk with Jesus today? Then talk to him and you will find he is always there for you 24-7 and as when Jesus rode into Jerusalem. They said to the owner of the donkey (my master has need of him.) Jesus has a need of you as a friend. Yes that is what I said, he is your friend and like any other friend, he wants to know you.

Jesus said in Matthew chapter 11. Verse 28. He made an invitation for us to take his yoke, saying all and I will give you rest who are wearied and heavy burdened I think we all have or are having this experience.

Then the answer to this is in verse 29. Take my Yoke and learn from me. For I am gentle and lowly at heart. Which means that Jesus will teach us to do just that.

There is a lot of excitement about among the saints. Prophetic words about what the Holy Spirit is about to do. Some people are saying that they do not feel worthy to be part of this.

Isaiah chapter 1. verse 18. Should put an end to this.

Come now, Let us settle this says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet. I will make them as white as snow. Good enough? it is for me and you and should be be for anybody who is a believer

The Holy Spirit spoke to me in the early hours and he said, Just listen in other words, let me do the talking not you!. Listen to what he talks to you about and you will fulfil the above scripture.

The Passion Flower.

I have in my small garden a passion flower and it is in full bloom just now. In Matthew chapter 14. The disciples said to Jesus that the crowd which were many needed to go into the villages to get some food.

Then in verse 17. Jesus challenged them when he said you feed them But we only have five loaves and two fishes. After a while Jesus said bring them to me..

Jesus then looked up to heaven and then he blessed those loaves and the fish. The whole multitude was fed and twelve baskets full were left over. How many times have we little of any substance and we have not prayed like Jesus did.

Often when we have faith we will see an increase. At the communion table when the bread and wine are blessed and when we take them in the right manner our faith is increased.

My passion flower has two petals in the middle and five surrounding it and twelve more that completes the circle of this flower. Now it is blooming and increasing, how about us?.


In the last few days we have been remembering those who stormed the beaches in France and their bravery. It would also do well if we remembered those prayer warriors that prayed for them.

When there was something big happening in the second world war they were involved. We must also realize that as Christians we are in a battle with the forces of darkness. There are mighty men and woman who are warriors in this battle. The more of us that join them the better the result

Another Sunday in church and how many you were really blessed in the service. We should go with praise and joy in our hearts expecting to give those gifts to receive. We will want to know our Lord Jesus in an intimate way. He is there ever ready to bless those who seek him and he never fails to show up at any time. So I say again where you blessed, if not ask the Holy Spirit why?.

How to discern.

Not the weather.

In Matthew Chapter 16. verse 1. We find the Pharisees and the Sadducees asking Jesus for a sign from heaven

2. He answered and said to them, when it is the evening you say it will be fair weather for the sky is red.

3. And in the morning it will be foul weather today for the sky is red and threatening. Hypocrites!. You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you can not discern the signs of the times.

But that was all they knew, but we have an advantage over them. We have the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things in spirit and in truth. We can ask him about something we are not sure about and he will give us an answer. We can then discern which way we should walk with him.

Ephesians. 3.

Verse 20. Now unto him that is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us.

Have a good look at this verse God is able to do much more than we can think or ask, Look at these words exceeding, abundantly they mean what they say, no limit providing we are asking in line with the will of God This is the key to all our prayers they must be in line with the word of God. Then into this verse comes more than we can think and that is according to the power that is within us. That is the Holy Spirit who is part of the Trinity that lives within us. I do not think we have called on that power in the abundance described here.

In modern day language God is saying to us, think big there is nothing that is impossible to me

As we come up to Easter

Soon Easter will be upon us and thought will turn to what Jesus did for on the cross. Then when it passes thoughts will fade away The death on the cross and the resurrection of Jesus. Is a prime example to us all.

Jesus died to his natural self and the Holy Spirit is available to help us do the same. We are talking about asking the Holy Spirit to help us die to self. Then we really can be used to further the Kingdom of heaven.

Isaiah Chapter 44. verse 3.

Verse 3. of this chapter contains a mighty promise to us from God.

3. For I will pour water upon him who is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground. I will pour my spirit upon your seed and my blessing upon your offspring.

We have to be thirsty for the word of God, you know the feeling when we are dry and we seemed to have hit a brick wall in the word of God.

It is times like this that we are really thirsty for an understanding of the scriptures. And this is the water that God says he will pour out. Not just a drop here and there but a flood on our dry ground.

Ever been hot and wanting the cool rain, this is not to be compared to the pouring and the flood. There is no limit to what God can do in our lives, neither the pouring or the flooding can stop.

We have areas in our lives that we have not allowed the Holy Spirit to touch. Time for us to give him permission to open these up. Then this refreshing outpouring will begin. You see we have areas that we do not think that need to be touched. who said so? only our human nature will keep them closed.

Notice there is a blessing for our offspring as well. We owe it to our children and their children to say Holy Spirit I am giving you those things in my life that do not line up with the word of God. Want to be drenched from above? try it and you will never be the same again! Amen.

It is a worldly saying to keep your cool, no better place than the cooling water from heaven that will become a flood.

We have news today about the shambles over Brexit in the UK, One thing is for sure. When the government rests upon his shoulders there will be none of this.

Psalm 34.

In the first verse of this Psalm we are told to bless the Lord at ALL TIMES. We often ask for a blessing from the throne of Grace, but neglect to bless God. Our own children will give us an embrace when we have blessed them.

So why do we not bless God often? the only answer to that is that we view him as somebody far of from us. In actual fact according to scripture the Trinity lives within us.  The more we believe this and bless the Lord in honesty every day. They will then become a reality for us, and it will become a joy for us to do this.

You see God yearns to have a close relationship with us. So what stops us from having this?. It is our human nature that can not comprehend that this all mighty spirit being would want  to have this. God is a spirit, as is all the Trinity. So the more we bless them they will be a reality in our lives. Now I do not know about you I am up for this, join me?.

It is difficult for us to understand that in the Trinity is a force that is more powerful than the atom bomb. The difference? the Trinity is a powerful force for good, not destruction. So have a praise session today and bless them. Then you will start to feel that power. By degrees a little bit at a time, go on give it a try you will not be disappointed.