There is allways a way

I was not able to go to church this morning. But I did not miss out. I watched three videos from U Tube and they were very good. In this modern world of ours there is so much communication about that we are spoilt for choice.

Do not get me wrong, I missed the fellowship of the saints. That is where we should be if we can. To study, hear the word of God, prayer and praise as a corporate body is the way to go. That is in line with the word of God. But sometimes it is not possible and then we resort to U. Tube or some of the very good ministries online.

I was born again in a large Pentecostal church where the worship and praise was awesome. I will often just listen to a choir or other means of worship and get lost in it all. Then I am edified and lifted beyond measure as the word says.

So we really are blessed to have these ministries on tap for us. Our predecessors were not as fortunate as we are. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to an anointed ministry and you are good to go as if you were there with them. Then just open yourself up to the Holy Spirit and just keep your focus on him. Let him teach you, there is non better. We are told in scripture that we can have life in Jesus in abundance.

Now abundance is an awesome word that means as much as you can take. Take the love that flows from the throne of Grace. That love has no limits, only the human nature that will try and stand against it. In Hebrews chapter 13, verse 21. it says that we will be made complete in every good work to do his will. Working in you what is well pleasing in his sight through Jesus Christ to whom be glory forever and ever Amen.

To be made complete means that everything we need to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, will be there in abundance, i rest my case!.  Can   not seem to find a way into this type of  praise? Ask God and he will always find a way for you. You see he knows our minds and he will highlight the blockage that is stopping us from breaking through. Then give it to him, yes you have to give it to him.

Then you will be liberated to praise like you have never done before. You will rise to the occasion, and you will just love it so much you will ask for more! Amen.

Do I seem to be talking a bit over the top for you? Then just lift your hands to heaven and say. I want what he is talking about! go on just try it be an honest person and say. I am missing out on this and I want in. Something will happen, because God loves an honest person and he respects that. Praise will take you into a closeness with God that you have not been in before an intimacy that is so lovely you will want to go there again and again.


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