There is so much news about depression that I feel it is worth a post. In Proverbs chapter 25. verse 11. It says that a word fitly spoken is like apples of Gold. In other words a good and encouraging word that are spoken will edify that person. Or indeed a situation that is getting out of hand.

There is so much negativity coming out in the media these days. That anyone could be overwhelmed by bad news. In this very hectic modern world of ours, we sometimes need to stop a while and think about all the good things that God has done for us. We do not need to envy people who are well off. They are often the very ones that go into depression, getting all emotional about how much money they can lose.

Depression can creep up on us in various ways. The help of the Holy Spirit is always there for us. He is a teacher, a helper and a comforter all rolled into one. He is available all the time and any time. There will never be a negative word come from him and he will guide us through any situation. That is when we trust him and give every thing over to him.. Now this takes some doing, but the easiest way out of this one is to say. I have done all I can and it is a mess, I am sorry for not trusting you and I give every part of this and myself over to you.


Then watch and listen and see that situation be resolved. The best bit? we are one more step closer to God, because we have trusted him. Matthew chapter 11. verses 28-30.  Jesus said in verse 28. Come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

29. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

30. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Notice something? we have brought God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in here. Three in one, the most powerful force in the whole of the universe. They are for us and they will put depression where it belongs. The pit of hell because that is where it comes from and it does not belong to us. Can I have an Amen to that.

How do I know so much about this subject? because I have been there in a big way and Jesus put his hand on my life and brought me out of it. You see my God is no respecter of persons, so what he did for me when I was in a very dark place. He will do for anyone who trusts him to do it, now that is the voice of experience speaking. Been there and worn the tee shirt!.

Doubting Thomas walked into this for a while. He was so upset when Jesus died, how could somebody like Jesus die in the first place. Most of all he died on a cross, crucified and for that to happen to a Jew was a disgrace. So Thomas was depressed and could not understand what had happened, he went into deep remorse.

When he was told that Jesus had been resurrected and was alive he refused to believe it. He was not present when Jesus first appeared to the disciples. He said unless I see the nail prints and the sword wound on the side of Jesus I will not believe. He was so depressed, that was his mind set at the time.

Scripture tells us that Jesus came when Thomas was with the rest of the disciples. He said to Thomas, put your hand in my side and see the nail prints. You see Jesus knew where Thomas was in his mind and then showed him the proof he asked for. This shows us that Jesus will be concerned about us and what we are thinking. He will meet us right where we are and when we are depressed he will minister to us. When we give negative thoughts to the throne of grace, the answer and the help will come like it did for Thomas.

Above all do not let anybody put you down, with pull your socks up. They have not worn this tee shirt. Depression is a way of going down. You will I promise you start to be on the way up. And who will you help when you are well? the person who is where you have been!

This is so true, you will be able to recognise somebody with depression and be able to help them. There is always somebody out there that needs help. When you have been down that dark hole, you know where they are in their thinking. often it just takes a listening ear and a sharing. That will help them on their way up and not down!.

Now that Christmas is over it is often a time that depression lurks around. Anybody with children does not need reminding of the expense that comes with presents and the extra food that has to be purchased. If when you are looking at the costs and you are alarmed and start to get worried.

If there seems no way around this problem and you seem to have reached a dead end on this. I would encourage to seek help there are plenty of willing hands to help you. Most of them have been in the same situation, so they know where you are coming from.

What I am saying is this, do not sit and stare at the bills and the added expense. That is a sure fire way to go into depression. Get some help and do this fast. And if you are wondering how does he know. Yes I have been there and worn the tee shirt and that is a slippery slope to go down. So please if this talks to you then get help now.


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