Galations 5.

It is in this chapter that we find the fruits of the Holy Sprit. There is often confusion about them. The first one is asking for the gifts before the fruits. It is like putting the cart before the Horse. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is love. We are told in the scriptures that without love we are nothing.

So what kind of love are we talking about here. It is the love of God which is so different from human love. The difference? human love has limitations which we all know. But the love that comes from the throne of Grace has no limits. Jesus when he was leaving this earth on the cross proved that. In Luke chapter 23. verse 34. Jesus said Father forgive them because they no not what they do. That is the love that knows no limits. Let us take an example of when somebody asks for healing hands. You have to love the person you are praying for. It has to be divine love that will heal that person.

The bonus to this one is that the love of God will flow through and into two persons. So the person praying will get an increase of the love of God in their lives. What better way to seek the fruits of the Holy Spirit, what follows the fruits? the gifts.

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