Good Morning it is Monday again, another day that God has granted us while he tarry’s. For those of you at work and have had the weekend off. The start of a new week can be a bit difficult, I remember it well. Praise the Lord for all his goodness and this is a day he has given us to further his Kingdom.

Now how can I do that at work you may say. Praise him in everything that you do, give it all to him. You can praise silently within yourself, you see praise opens prison doors. There maybe someone near you that is struggling and you do not know about it. Praise can bring an opportunity to speak to them or just be made aware of their struggle. Then you can pray and that will also lift you up as well and transform your whole day.

Think of all the good things that God has done for you. Commit the negatives to him, they do not belong to you. Jesus dealt with them on the cross, he loves you and nothing can break that love. The Holy Spirit is waiting to minister to you at anytime and to show you how to love in a divine way. Give it a try, I know there are things in my life that happened years ago. They can not pull me down now because Jesus has taken them away from me. Now my God has no favourites, what he has done for me he will do for you. Praise God! for his goodness and mercy.

When you are next in a service have a look at the hymn book or a chorus book. Have a good look at the words and when you sing them, really mean them. You will find you are in the best level of praise that you have ever been in. This will lift you up and then keep them in your head as you go about your work. Also in other times you will find that things get a lot easier. 

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