Psalm 34.

In the first verse of this Psalm we are told to bless the Lord at ALL TIMES. We often ask for a blessing from the throne of Grace, but neglect to bless God. Our own children will give us an embrace when we have blessed them.

So why do we not bless God often? the only answer to that is that we view him as somebody far of from us. In actual fact according to scripture the Trinity lives within us.  The more we believe this and bless the Lord in honesty every day. They will then become a reality for us, and it will become a joy for us to do this.

You see God yearns to have a close relationship with us. So what stops us from having this?. It is our human nature that can not comprehend that this all mighty spirit being would want  to have this. God is a spirit, as is all the Trinity. So the more we bless them they will be a reality in our lives. Now I do not know about you I am up for this, join me?.

It is difficult for us to understand that in the Trinity is a force that is more powerful than the atom bomb. The difference? the Trinity is a powerful force for good, not destruction. So have a praise session today and bless them. Then you will start to feel that power. By degrees a little bit at a time, go on give it a try you will not be disappointed.

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