Does Jesus talk to you.

Feel like having a talk with Jesus today? Then talk to him and you will find he is always there for you 24-7 and as when Jesus rode into Jerusalem. They said to the owner of the donkey (my master has need of him.) Jesus has a need of you as a friend. Yes that is what I said, he is your friend and like any other friend, he wants to know you.

Jesus said in Matthew chapter 11. Verse 28. He made an invitation for us to take his yoke, saying all and I will give you rest who are wearied and heavy burdened I think we all have or are having this experience.

Then the answer to this is in verse 29. Take my Yoke and learn from me. For I am gentle and lowly at heart. Which means that Jesus will teach us to do just that.


In the last few days we have been remembering those who stormed the beaches in France and their bravery. It would also do well if we remembered those prayer warriors that prayed for them.

When there was something big happening in the second world war they were involved. We must also realize that as Christians we are in a battle with the forces of darkness. There are mighty men and woman who are warriors in this battle. The more of us that join them the better the result

Another Sunday in church and how many you were really blessed in the service. We should go with praise and joy in our hearts expecting to give those gifts to receive. We will want to know our Lord Jesus in an intimate way. He is there ever ready to bless those who seek him and he never fails to show up at any time. So I say again where you blessed, if not ask the Holy Spirit why?.