The Passion Flower.

I have in my small garden a passion flower and it is in full bloom just now. In Matthew chapter 14. The disciples said to Jesus that the crowd which were many needed to go into the villages to get some food.

Then in verse 17. Jesus challenged them when he said you feed them But we only have five loaves and two fishes. After a while Jesus said bring them to me..

Jesus then looked up to heaven and then he blessed those loaves and the fish. The whole multitude was fed and twelve baskets full were left over. How many times have we little of any substance and we have not prayed like Jesus did.

Often when we have faith we will see an increase. At the communion table when the bread and wine are blessed and when we take them in the right manner our faith is increased.

My passion flower has two petals in the middle and five surrounding it and twelve more that completes the circle of this flower. Now it is blooming and increasing, how about us?.

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